Math Tech Bootcamp Day Agenda

Our day is designed to provide you with an opportunity to work with a variety of technologies.
  • We are hosting 6 mini - workshops. You choose the session you want to attend.
  • We have also set time aside for "Exploration" if you need/want a bit more time to explore a certain tool

Please check out the schedule and choose the session/s you want to attend
Math Tech Boot Camp Schedule

  • Learn at least 1 new thing that you can use in your classroom tomorrow
  • Empower yourself to become a lifelong learner
  • Share your knowledge

Why Share?

Ways to share:

  1. Share on Google+ your comments and resources or questions
  2. Post Sticky Notes on our Wall Wisher page - Ask Questions
  3. Join the conversation with our live chat tool - Chatango
  4. Share links with a social bookmarking tool
  5. Go back to your school talk to other teachers and share .. share .. share!

By doing the same thing and expecting different results is impossible ... so please try something new!


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